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Radicalizing Care. Maintenance as Resistance

The lecture Radicalizing Care. Maintenance as Resistance contributed to the Art and Care Study Day at the Cambridge Festival in 2022. My lecture focused on how maintenance can be understood as practicing resistance with-in and against extractive conditions of care under compulsory neoliberalism. Art and Care presents a growing international network aiming at collecting, sharing, and learning from best practices from the perspectives of creative research and care ethics, in physical and digital realms. More specifically these will be discussed in terms of impact in society through social responsibility, mutual support, and cooperation, as applied to the care for the environment, society, heritage and art. The exchange will aim at consolidating the new post-disciplinary context for Care Ethics and Creative Research.The event was led by Dr. Elena Cologni, Dr. Merel Visse and HR Mag Eveline Wandl-Vogt,

Image: ‘Mother’s Tools’, Elena Cologni (2018, 1 of 4: wood, steel, custom-made fabric labels, artist’s mother’s embroidery kit, 20cmx20cm each);