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Curating with Care, edited by Elke Krasny and Lara Perry, London: Routledge 2023

Curating with Care
edited by Elke Krasny and Lara Perry
London: Routledge 2023

This book presents over 20 authors’ reflections on ‘curating care’ – and presents a call to give curatorial attention to the primacy of care for all life and for more ‘caring curating’ that responds to the social, ecological and political analysis of curatorial caregiving.

Social and ecological struggles for a different planetary culture based on care and respect for the dignity of life are reflected in contemporary curatorial practices that explore human and non-human interdependence. The prevalence of themes of care in curating is a response to a dual crisis: the crisis of social and ecological care that characterizes global politics and the professional crisis of curating under the pressures of the increasingly commercialized cultural landscape. Foregrounding that all beings depend on each other for life and survival, this book collects theoretical essays, methodological challenges and case studies from curators working in different global geographies to explore the range of ways in which curatorial labour is rendered as care.

Practising curators, activists and theorists situate curatorial labour in the context of today’s general care crisis. This volume answers to the call to more fully understand how their transformative work allows for imagining the future of bodily, social and environmental care and the ethics of interdependency differently.


Table of Contents

Elke Krasny and Lara Perry: Introduction

Part I. Caring Curating

Françoise Vergès: Curatorial Labour and Decolonial Feminism

Bruxas Bruxas Arts Collective: Get Bodied: Inverting the Witch to Summon a New Commons

Care beyond Curation: A Conversation with Lauren Craig. Interview by Racha Baraka Pauline

De Souza: Transcultural Care and the Cultural Sector in the United Kingdom

Helen Kaplinsky: Caring for ‘range-ful’ identities in the work of Danielle Brathwaite Shirley

Mirella Maria: Decolonial and Heritage Practices in the Context of Current Global Challenges. Quilombola Museology and Digital Technologies in Brazilian Community Museums

Sophie Lingg: Caring Curating and Social Media

Berit Fischer: A Laboratory of Care. Active Micropolitics, Joyfulness and Affectivity

Joulia Strauss: Avtonomi Akadimia. Curating becomes Curing

Alexandra Kokoli: Care, Aftercare, and the Work of Transmission: Learning from Greenham Common

Eliana Otta: Caring for Mourning, Working with Loss. Curating, Listening, and Attending to the Sacred in Peruvian Highlands and Forests

Elke Krasny: Care, Thought, Being: Curating with a Wounded Planet

Part II. Curating Care

Caroline Gausden, Kirsten Lloyd, Nat Raha, and Catherine Spencer: Curating Forms of Care in Art and Activism: A Roundtable on Life Support

Helena Reckitt: From Coping to Curious: Unlearning and Reimagining Curatorial Habits of Care

Sascia Bailer: Care for Caregivers: Curating against the Care Crisis

Jacqueline Millner and Zsuzsanna Zsoboszlay: Cultivating Care Ethics and the Minor Gesture in Curatorial and Research Practices

Jenny Richards: ‘Do what you do best and outsource the rest’ – Curatorial Lessons within Cultures of Outsourcing

Katja Kobolt, Petja Grafenauer, and Brigita Miloš: The Platform of Care: Collective Curatorial Modes of the n*a*i*l*s hacks*facts*fictions platform

Claudia Lomoschitz: Curating Queer Nursing: the performance installation PARTUS Gyno Bitch Tits

Magdalena Kallenberger (MATERNAL FANTASIES collective): Curating a Collective Body: a Non-Idealized Concept of Care

Johanna Braun: Spellbound. Witchcraft Activism as Caring Curatorial Practice

Zahra Khan: Curating Aliveness. Engaging with Ecologies

Hansel Sato: La escuela del buen vivir/ The school of good life: counteracting the imperial mode of living


ISBN 9781032069913
328 Pages 15 B/W Illustrations
Published March 15, 2023 by Routledge