Recorded Lectures

LIVING WITH A WOUNDED PLANET: ON BUILDING RECOVERY by Elke Krasny How can we imagine architecture and building in order to learn to live with a wounded planet and to recover from patriarchal colonial [more]

Radicalising Care: [more]

Feminist cultural theorist, professor, urban researcher, curator and author Elke Krasny discussed with the artist Jelena Micic her body of work, with the special emphasis on the artwork Twisting by th [more]

Elke Krasny contributed the Lecture Realities of Care: On Interdependence in Architecture: [more]

Ecologies of Curating The risk of global catastrophe and the intensification of inequality characterize the conditions of living with a broken and infected planet. More than ever, curating is challeng [more]

As part of the Quarantine Dialogues with Dust at the Graduate School of Architecture, University of Johannesburg, Virtual Seminar, Elke Krasny gave a lecture on Critical Care-Architecture and Urbanism [more]

Organizado por el grupo de investigación Espacio Urbano y Tecnologías de Género junto al programa de Arte: Producción e Investigación Elke Krasny gave a lecture on: Urban Care. Gendered Dimension [more]

Elke Krasny, Iconic Moves. Regeneration + Reproduction. Lecture at the International Symposium On Power in Architecture, Ljubljana, September 26, 2019 The programme is organized by Igor Zabel Associat [more]

A Public Lecture by Elke Krasny at the Institute of Advanced Studies at the University of Western Australia, Perth. In medical terms critical care, also known as intensive care, is a specialized branc [more]