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Elke Krasny. Living with an Infected Planet. Covid-19, Feminism and the Global Frontline of Care. Bielefed: transcript 2023.

Download: Living with an Infected Planet, 2023

Elke Krasny. Stadt und Frauen. Eine andere Topographie von Wien. Wien: Metro Verlag 2008.

Download: Stadt und Frauen. Eine andere Topographie von Wien, 2008/

Elke Krasny.“Scales of Concern.” In Empowerment, Art and Feminisms, edited by Andreas Beitin et al, 2022

Download: Scales of Concern, In Empowerment, Art and Feminisms

Elke Krasny. “The Unifishend Feminist Revolution. Radicalizing Reproduction in Feminist Performance Art.” In Feministische Strategien in der Performance Kunst: Disobedient Bodies, FKW Zeitschrift für Geschlechterforschung und Visuelle Kultur 67, 2020



— Elke Krasny, “Implicated in Care, Haunted by Protection: The Violence of Bronze and Stone Bodies”. Infrastructural Love: Caring for Our Architectural Support Systems, edited by Hélène Frichot, Adrià Carbonell, Hannes Frykholm and Sepideh Karami, Berlin, Boston: Birkhäuser, 2022, 114-135. https://doi.org/10.1515/9783035625202-006 Download PDF


— Elke Krasny & Lara Perry (2020) Unsettling Gender, Sexuality, and Race: ‘Crossing’ the Collecting, Classifying, and Spectacularising Mechanisms of the Museum, Museum International, 72:1-2, 130-139, DOI: 10.1080/13500775.2020.1806595 — Download PDF


— Elke Krasny, Sophie Lingg, Lena Fritsch, Birgit Bosold and Vera Hofmann (eds.): Radicalizing Care. Feminist and Queer Activism in Curating, Sternberg Press/Publication Series of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, 2022 — Download PDF

What happens when feminist and queer care ethics are put into curating practice? What happens when the notion of care based on the politics of relatedness, interdependence, reciprocity, and response-ability informs the practices of curating? Delivered through critical theoretical essays, practice-informed case studies, and manifestos, the essays in this book offer insights from diverse contexts and geographies. These texts examine a year-long program at the Schwules Museum Berlin focused on the perspectives of women, lesbian, inter, non-binary, and trans people at the Schwules Museum; the formation of the Queer Trans Intersex People of Colour Narratives Collective in Brighton; Métis Kitchen Table Talks, organized around indigenous knowledge practices in Canada; complex navigations of motherhood and censorship in China; the rethinking of institutions together with First Nations artists in Melbourne; the reanimation of collectivity in immigrant and diasporic contexts in welfare state spaces in Vienna and Stockholm; struggles against Japanese vagina censorship; and an imagined museum of care for Rojava. Strategies include cripping and decolonizing as well as emergent forms of digital caring labor, including curating, hacking, and organizing online drag parties for pandemic times. With contributions by Edna Bonhomme, Birgit Bosold, Imayna Caceres, Pêdra Costa, COVEN BERLIN, Nika Dubrovsky, Lena Fritsch, Vanessa Gravenor, Julia Hartmann, Hitomi Hasegawa, Vera Hofmann, Hana Janečková, k\are (Agnieszka Habraschka and Mia von Matt), Gilly Karjevsky, Elke Krasny, Chantal Küng, Sophie Lingg, Claudia Lomoschitz, Cathy Mattes, Elizaveta Mhaili, Jelena Micić, Carlota Mir, Fabio Otti, Ven Paldano, Nataša Petrešin-Bachelez, Nina Prader, Lesia Prokopenko, Patricia J. Reis, Elif Sarican, Rosario Talevi, Amelia Wallin, Verena Melgarejo Weinandt, Stefanie Wuschitz.


— Krasny, Elke. ‘Care.’ In AA Files 76, edited by Maria Shéhérazade Giudici , London, 2019. (AA Files is the Architectural Association School of Architecture’s journal, – Download PDF


— Krasny, Elke. ‘Divided We Share: On the Ethics and Politics of Public Space.’ In Shared Cities Atlas. Post-socialist Cities and Active Citizenship in Central and Eastern Europe, edited by Helena Doudová, Rotterdam: nai010, 2019. – Download PDF


— Krasny, Elke. ‘Citizenship and the Museum: On Feminist Acts.’ In Feminism and Museums: Intervention, Disruption, and Change, edited by Jenna Ashton, Edinburgh and Boston: MuseumsEtc, 74-99. 2017. – Download PDF


— Krasny, Elke. ‘Claims for the Future: Indigenous Rights, Housing Rights, Land Rights, Women’s Rights.’In Performing Citizenship: Bodies, Agencies, Limitations, edited by Paula Hildebrandt, Sybille Peters, Mirjam Schaub, Kathrin Wildner, and Gesa Ziemer, 111-126, London and New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2019 – Download PDF


— Krasny, Elke. ‘Neighbourhood Claims for the Future: feminist solidarity urbanism in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside’ In The Social (Re)Production of Architecture. Politics, Values and Actions in Contemporary Practice, edited by Doina Petrescu and Kim Trogal, 93-112, London: Routledge, 2017. – Download PDF

— Krasny, Elke. ‘Gathering Feminist Resisters. Curating Salons and Dinners’ In Histórias das Mulheres, Histórias Feministas: antologia, MASP, Museu de Arte de São Paulo, 2019, Draft version, (will be published in Portugese translation) – Download English PDF