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Mind into Matter: Bodies and Space Symposium

Symposium: Friday May 9 to Saturday May 10, 2014

Mind into Matter: Bodies and Responsive Space is a platform for the beginnings of an interdisciplinary exchange of critical scholarship and creative practice in the field of body-environment relationships. The three-part event to be held in May 2014 includes a symposium, exhibition, and performance, and engages practitioners from the arts, sciences, and design fields. A publication will document and extend the developing discussions and projects.

Volksküche – Communal Kitchen
Communal Kitchens look back onto a long and rich history. They function as central spaces and times of encounter during strikes, occupations, and as part of activist and social movements. These “Volksküchen” (kitchens of the people) provide sociability, hospitality, and the experiences of sharing food. In this paper I will trace the physical aspects of the temporary and mobile architectures of such kitchens, I will examine how they migrated conceptually into contemporary artistic practices, and I will look at issues of affective labor. (Elke Krasny)



Marcia F. Feuerstein (Virginia Tech)
Karen Bradley (University of Maryland)
Alan Macy (Biopac Inc. Santa Barbara)
Philip Beesley (University of Waterloo)
Derek Reilly (Dalhousie University)
Elke Krasny (Independent curator, Vienna)
Dorita Hannah (Aalto University, Helsinki)
Sharon Mansur (University of Maryland Architecture and Dance Programs)
The Installation by Sarah Bonnemaison (Dalhousie University) will include a performance by Mocean Dance, choreographed by Claire French (Simon Fraser University), and contributions from sound artist Lukas Pearse, computer scientist Derek Reilly, and composer Sandy Moore.

Symposium Organizer: Sarah Bonnemaison, Dalhousie Univerity

Location: The Faculty of Architecture and Planning
Medjuck Building, Dalhousie University
5410 Spring Garden Road
Halifax, Nova Scotia